VeChain is one of the largest blockchain projects in the world and enjoys increasing popularity in supply chain management applications. As has now been announced, the limited edition of a Nike sneaker is protected against counterfeiting using VeChain technology.

VeChain: No direct cooperation with Nike

The blockchain technology has many possible applications. It proves its strength above all when used in supply chain management. Thanks to this innovative technology, manufacturers can guarantee the origin of the products and a seamless transport chain. In the case of the latest application, it can therefore protect against product counterfeiting.

This is because trading in counterfeit products causes enormous economic damage. Therefore the latest Nike sneaker Air Max 1 Cherry, which will be available on the market from June 28th, will be protected with the VeChain blockchain or its authenticity can be guaranteed. However, the cooperation is not a direct collaboration with Nike, but with both publishers The Kickz Stand and Chase Shield, an Australian shoe designer.

More and more companies rely on VeChain (VET) for the adaptation of the blockchain technology. The project is proving to be one of the most successful in bringing blockchain technology into the supply chain.