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BlackRock-CEO believes global BTC growth is realistic as USD alternative

Crypto-Mastermind summary: Larry Fink, formerly Bitcoin-critical CEO of BlackRock, said in a CNBC interview that Bitcoin could well...

Another company buys BTC: Instituitonals hold a total of almost $7 billion

Crypto-Mastermind summary: The company Stone Ridge Asset Management (SRAM) recently announced that it has acquired approximately $115 million...

Kraken becomes first ever certified bank for digital assets in USA

Crypto-Mastermind summary: The top 5 crypto exchange Kraken has received an application in the US state of Wyoming,...

BTC-Whales accumulate: New alltime-high of addresses over 1,000 BTC

Crypto Mastermind summary: The number of "BTC-whales" is at a new all-time-high, surpassing the levels of September 2019. According...

Investment boom: Grayscale BTC fund gets $195 Mil in single week

Gigantic revenues were received last week by the crypto investment company Grayscale, which has already bought up...

Grayscale Investments now manages more than $4 billion USD worth of cryptocurrencies

Grayscale Investments has already made a name for itself in the crypto-market and is the number one...

Grayscale buys 150% of new mined Bitcoin since halving

The company Grayscale Investments has bought up 150 percent of all Bitcoins (BTC) that have been mined...

Institutions are coming! BTC interest grows massively

For a long time people waited in Bitcoin (BTC) and Crypto space for it and now it...

Institutional Investors make record investments into crypto

Where are the institutional Bitcoin investors? It has been talked about for years that institutional investors are...

Grayscale meldet Rekordinvestitionen in Höhe von 600 Millionen Dollar für Krypto-Investitionen im Jahr 2019

Der Krypto-Vermögensverwalter Grayscale sagt, er habe 2019 mehr als 600 Millionen Dollar eingesammelt, mehr als 70 Prozent...
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