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Riot Blockchain invests $6.1 Mil in BTC Mining-expansion by year-end

Crypto-Mastermind summary: Riot Blockchain recently announced that it had concluded another deal with Bitmain. According to that, for...

Exponential DeFi-increase: Over 73,800 BTC-tokens on ETH-blockchain

Crypto-Mastermind summary: The amount of BTC-tokens on the Ethereum-blockchain has increased to over 73,800. In August alone, the...

20% drop!? – Let’s zoom out on Bitcoin

Crypto-Mastermind summary: This artice addresses the criticism of Bitcoin's high volatility. It shows what price stability depends on...

World’s largest crypto-exchange Binance negotiating for EU-crypto-laws

Crypto-Mastermind summary: Binance becomes a member of the 'Blockchain For Europe' association. The company thus supports the political...

Cardano plans marketing ‚with full force‘ for ‚Goguen‘ and oracle-update

Crypto Mastermind summary: With its third development phase Goguen, IOHK, the development studio of Cardano, intends to incorporate...

DeFi scandal YAM – Investors lose over 90% of their money within minutes

The brand new DeFi-Stablecoin project YAM was able to achieve a gigantic growth within a very short...

Ethereum course rocket by 36% and DeFi breaks the USD 4,000,000,000 mark

The Bitcoin course has 2 exciting days behind it. So the price for a coin of the...

Number of active dApp users doubled in Q2

Decentralized applications, dApps for short, are well received. According to a recent market analysis, more and more...

Through DeFi-Hype: Growth at Ethereum (ETH) addresses almost three times as high as for...

The cryptomarket is continuously developing and the number of active wallet addresses is growing accordingly. However, the...

Ethereum daps now hold six times more Bitcoin than the Lightning Network

A just a few weeks old Dapp is about to overtake the Lightning Network in Bitcoin deposits.
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