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Cardano plans marketing ‚with full force‘ for ‚Goguen‘ and oracle-update

Crypto Mastermind summary: With its third development phase Goguen, IOHK, the development studio of Cardano, intends to incorporate...

Chainlink (LINK): T-System from Deutsche Telekom becomes a node operator

Besides countless DeFi projects, one cryptocurrencies in particular is currently being hyped: Chainlink (LINK). The project promises...

Chainlink: Partnership with China’s state blockchain

China's blockchain Services Network (BSN) becomes a partner of Chainlink. Therefore the oracles of...
Kyber Network

KyberSwap goes Chainlink: Partnership for reliable price data

Chainlink is one of the crypto-projects with the most partnerships on the market besides VeChain. Many crypto...

Weiss Crypto Ratings: „The demand for Chainlink will explode“

The days when there were few cryptocurrencies to choose from are long history. At the latest since...

Chainlink, Nasdaq and Microsoft work together on a new token standard

The InterWork Alliance (IWA) is a non-profit organization and consists of more than 28 companies, including Microsoft,...

Polkadot integrates Chainlink – Goodbye Ethereum?

Chainlink is expanding its sphere of influence: After the Oracle network previously supplied data exclusively to Ethereum-based...

What is ChainLink? The missing piece for Blockchain adoption?

Smart Contracts represent one of the most significant achievements of blockchain technologies. However, they also have problems,...
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