Blockstream now provides a 25 times faster data rate. To achieve this, the company has upgraded its satellite network for the first time in two years. The blockstream satellite service offers Internet-free Bitcoin (BTC) transactions and information exchange for crypto users in almost all parts of the world.

Bitcoin in space

Blockstream has rented a total of six geostationary satellites. This enables the blockchain to be transmitted to Africa, Europe, South and North America and the Asia-Pacific region.

In a blog post on May 4th, Blockstream stated: „We are pleased to announce that Blockstream Satellite 2.0 is now live, bringing with it a standard-based transmission protocol, more bandwidth, additional coverage areas and the ability to synchronize a Bitcoin full node from the Genesis block to today“. So a lot has happened since the 1.0 network was launched in August 2017 and the Lightning-powered message API was introduced in 2018.

Another interesting update

Blockstream still has an extra ace up its sleeve for lovers of the crypto currencies: „In addition to the Blockstream satellite network update, we also announce that the much desired satellite kits can soon be pre-ordered in the Blockstream Store!

The Blockstream Satellite Basic Kit consists of a consumer-quality satellite receiver, ready for connection to a Bitcoin node at home. What Bitcoin fans then need is a computer running Linux to process the broadcasts. The Pro Kit consists of professional hardware that supports all the functions of the Basic Kit, with additional dual-satellite capability for more reliable and faster data transmissions and multicasting. Commenting on the Pro Kit, Blockstream said, „The Pro Kit is designed to stream Bitcoin blockchain data for use by multiple devices. The devices are connected via Ethernet“.