The Tauros Crypto-Exchange in Mexico has acquired the ATMs of one of the largest banks in the country, introducing an innovative method for buying crypto currencies.

Dash, the leading digital currency for e-commerce payments, has announced a partnership with, an emerging company in the rapidly growing crypto-currency landscape in Mexico.

Thanks to Tauros‘ integration with the BBVA’s ATM network, Tauros customers can fund their accounts by paying Mexican pesos directly into one of the more than eleven thousand ATMs in the country at most BBVA ATMs.

Once a user registers with Tauros, they will be able to deposit cash at any of the 11,000 ATMs in the country. This is made possible by nationwide coverage. Taurus offers a cheaper alternative to other third-party cash services and an innovative option to serve the segment of the population without a bank account in Mexico.

Any Mexican citizen or legal resident of Mexico will be able to log in to Tauros and, once they have selected the amount of crypto-currency they want, they will be able to deposit cash into their account through the BBVA ATM network. This integration will not only enable merchants in Mexico to buy or sell Dash on the stock exchange, but will also provide access to Dash and other digital currencies to the more than 60 million people without a bank account.

„Offering Tauros users a simple and familiar method to purchase Dash is a necessary step in our efforts to further expand our ecosystem in Latin America. Dash users can purchase Dash through Tauros via regular bank deposits, local convenience stores or the ATM network. We are working with Tauros to develop additional new products and solutions, and we expect our partnership with Tauros in Mexico to grow in volume as we introduce the products in the second phase of the partnership.“

said Ernesto Contreras, LatAm Business Development Manager, Dash Core Group.

Starting January 27, Tauros users will be able to trade Dash with additional solutions on the Tauros website. These are currently under development and will be available to the public in Mexico by the end of Q1 2020. The Phase 2 solution will serve a segment of hundreds of thousands of people in the North American country.

„We’ve been working with the Dash Core Group for some time on further development, and the ability to add Dash to our crypto currency offering. This will open a door for the introduction of crypto currencies in Mexico and the world. As a Bitcoin proponent of the early days, I have noticed that almost no one uses crypto currencies beyond speculation because it is difficult to exchange from Fiat to crypto. We are pleased to announce the new network of ATMs to address this issue. We are also working with Dash to create an easy-to-use, end-to-end solution where merchants and non-speculators don’t have to worry about complicated methods to buy their crypto currency, and that’s exactly what we are building with Dash.“

said Salvador Melendez, CEO of Tauros Exchange.

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