Ethereum 2.0

Developers say Ethereum 2.0 is likely to be launched in November

Crypto-Mastermind summary: A new parallel running test network called "Spandina" will be introduced and will take place for...

VeChain and BMW cooperating: Safe-data-blockchain-app VerifyCar

Crypto Mastermind summary: Continuously recorded vehicle data are planned to be stored on the VerifyCar App via systems...

Cardano plans marketing ‚with full force‘ for ‚Goguen‘ and oracle-update

Crypto Mastermind summary: With its third development phase Goguen, IOHK, the development studio of Cardano, intends to incorporate...

Starbucks: Full transparency for customers through blockchain tracking tool

Crypto Mastermind summary: Microsoft has developed an own blockchain for Starbucks. This should enable customers to view information...

Number of China’s blockchain-companies exploding: 10K startups in 2020

Crypto Mastermind summary: With more than 10,000 new startup blockchain-companies from January to July 2020, the total number...

VeChain expands: Next phase for gas sector and top consulting company

VeChain's agreement with the Chinese gas companies Huazhi and Shanghai Gas enters the start-up phase. The blockchain...
Burj Kalifa

Dubai introduces a nationwide KYC data platform based on blockchain

The KYC platform will support major banks and over 120 companies will verify customer identity

Deutsche Telekom starts blockchain tests for roaming payments

The Spanish Telefónica, Deutsche Telekom and the British provider Vodafone have concluded a test blockchain solution for...

tBTC: Bitcoin on the Ethereum Blockchain has arrived

tBTC, the Bitcoin-covered ERC-20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain has started its two-week launch phase.
Lightning Netzwerk

Easy Explained: What is a second layer solution in Blockchain and why do we...

Hey guys, so in my last post some people had trouble understanding what Cardano's second layer solution hydra really...
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