• IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson explains that Cardano has the best and most secure code in the entire crypto industry.
  • Hoskinson criticises the media coverage worldwide and suggests that a new system should be launched.

Cardano is one of the most ambitious projects in the industry and promises great progress by the end of the year. Shelley is to be rolled out in the coming months, paving the way for the project to be fully decentralised. In addition, Goguen will also implement the functionalities for Smart Contracts this year.

Charles Hoskinson: ‚We have the best code in the industry‘.

Charles Hoskinson regularly updates on YouTube and Twitter about the progress of the entire project, so the community is always up to date with the latest developments. Twitter user „Red Pin“ writes on Twitter that he is following the current development closely and will be happy when the upgrade on Shelley is completed.

Currently, Charles Hoskinson’s development team is delivering over 2,600 commits per week, more than 11,000 per month, and nearly 134,000 per year. Another user asked how, at this speed of development, any progress can be adequately tested and verified, as the project needs a solid foundation.

Hoskinson responded by stating that regular reviews, developer meetings, comprehensive testing standards and community feedback ensure quality and that Cardano has the best code in the industry:

Our code quality is the best in the industry and includes extensive use of quick checks, formal specifications and a dedicated QA department that has fairly comprehensive testing standards.

Over the past few months, Cardano’s marketing and public relations activities have been greatly expanded, after having heard little from Hoskinson and Cardano generally in recent years. Among other things, Cardano is now working closely with PricewaterhouseCoopers to advance the commercialization of the project.

Current system must be replaced

Hoskinson has always been a strong critic of the current financial system and describes that it is time to replace this system with a new decentralized system. In his opinion, the media is only trying to maintain the status quo and does not want to bring any improvements or changes. All measures serve only to maintain power and to influence opinion. Hoskinson elaborates in detail:

The media in general has become a biased propaganda campaign to maintain the status quo. It is now just stories and agendas. Nothing actual or even an attempt to follow it up. This whole model must be abolished.

Part of the vision of crypto-currencies is to create a better, more decentralized and fairer world, where everyone has access to finance and can send values across national borders to their family or relatives in a short time at low cost. Crypto-currencies like Cardano support this vision and stand for this progress, as Hoskinson once again strongly pointed out.