• The Cardano Shelley Friends & Family Testnet shows after first tests only a small need for adjustment. The first blocks and staking rewards have already been created.
  • The Virtual Summit for the launch of Shelley Mainnet will have a „special guest“, as Charles Hoskinson happily announced.

After the launch of the Friends & Family Testnet on Monday, Charles Hoskinson gave a first update on the progress. In a new video, Cardano’s founder explained that Stake Pool operators are currently working through a series of tasks that IOHK is assigning them. Very soon, Hoskinson said, participants in the test network will also be setting up Stake Pools and creating blocks. The next two weeks will be crucial.

Hoskinson also explained that Stake Pool operators are being asked to create weekly videos of the Friends & Family Testnet to show the progress and problems with the tests. This will help to increase their visibility in the community, which will benefit Stake Pool users in their choice of the pool later on. Overall, everything is going very well so far, Hoskinson says:

The statistics look good overall. We’ve seen a lot of encouraging things on the network side, the development infrastructure. We’ve already identified a number of small configuration details to improve configuration and usability, so it’s a huge success from a QA [quality assurance] perspective.

The majority of the quality assurance tasks will already be implemented with the next release of the node. The release is scheduled for May 21st. In this regard, Hoskinson also explained that IOHK is in favour of developing Cardano in a two-week „sprint“ cycle. Accordingly, the current node of the Friends & Family Testnet is based on the release of May 07.

Furthermore, IOHK is currently working intensively on the integration of the Haskell based wallet backend. The integration is running according to plan, so that further information about the progress will be announced in the second half of this month. Part of this work also includes the command line interface, where Hoskinson says there is still some minor work to be done.

Commenting on next week’s tasks for the Stake Pool operators and the overall progress, the IOHK CEO said

The operators have a lot to do. They already have a lot of homework and they are therefore starting to work their way through. And I would be delighted if these pioneers could make some videos next week, also remember that the pioneers have been instructed to bring two more people on board. So we’d like to increase from 19 to another 38 people.

Next week we’ll have more for you to watch as we launch the Shelley Haskell Testnet for the Mainnet, for everyone, the global testnet. And finally, we will have a lot more to show with the monthly product update.

As Hoskinson further explained, each Stake Pool operator has a checklist of tasks to complete, such as setting up a pool or creating a block. Cardano StakePool Austria, for example, produced its first block and staking rewards a few hours ago.

Cardano’s Launch Party for Shelley will have „special guest

Hoskinson further announced that Shelley’s launch party, Virtual Summit, will have a special guest:

I just saw the contract for the Virtual Summit today. We are putting together a whole agenda; I think we have 5 or 6 workflows for it. And we just managed to get a very, very special guest for the Summit. You will never guess, but you have used his work before. Actually, we all do, we all build on his foundations. So I am very excited about this special guest. But we won’t announce that until we have the Virtual Summit website up and running.