If you could go back a few months and tell someone that half the world is in a lockdown from mid-March, that person would most likely say your crazy. The measures taken by the various countries in the fight against the corona virus spread too quickly. While the fear of the population of COVID-19 is still great, it should also be clear that humanity will survive this pandemic. But what if in the future we face other risks that would cause even more damage? What would happen to Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co. then? The software company GitHub now has a solution to this problem, because future generations should benefit from important technologies under all circumstances.

Bitcoin should not get lost

There are many Hollywood movies that summon up the (almost) end of mankind through various natural disasters. Even though the extent to which the coronavirus is keeping the world in suspense will not be so extreme, it seems to have increased risk awareness among some. Many are now asking themselves how to better prepare for future disasters.

Even though there are more important things than Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co. in such extreme situations at the moment, one would of course like these technologies to be preserved for future generations under all circumstances.

GitHub takes on the task

The US file hosting company GitHub now seems to have taken on this task. The subsidiary company of Microsoft plans to save the code of various open source projects, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, the Lightning Network and many other non-crypto projects in a program called „Archive Program“.

Specifically, the software code is to be stored in Norway on the island of Svalbard at a depth of 250 meters. This extreme form of storage will be used to secure the Bitcoin code for 1000 years. In the announcement it says:

The company is also working with the Long Now Foundation, Internet Archive, Software Heritage Foundation, Arctic World Archive, Microsoft Research, Bodleian Library and Stanford Libraries to ensure the long-term preservation of the world’s open source software. We will protect this priceless knowledge by continuously storing multiple copies in various data formats and locations, including a very long-term archive designed to last at least 1,000 years.

Protecting Bitcoin and Co. is important

While we all hope that such storage will never be used in Bitcoin and other open source projects, it is good to know that everything is being done to secure these technological inventions for the future.

GitHub’s Archive Program is not the only attempt to preserve the Bitcoin code, as there are already satellites flying through space that are supposed to have it on board.