Binance is tireless when it comes to new products. Recently, the Binance Future platform was introduced, which is fully implemented, now comes an in-house crypto debit card.

Binance releases crypto-debit card

Binance counts among the largest crypto exchanges worldwide. The company is constantly working on new products, for example, the Binance Futures platform was created, which recently even matched the 24-hour trading volume of BitMEX: But there is no ending to the story.

Binance is now launching a new product that will allow crypto enthusiasts to buy goods and services using digital assets without having to find their own traders who accept Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Binance announced in a press release that the world’s leading stock exchange is planning to launch its own crypto debit card, and has teamed up with Visa. Visa is currently accepted by more than 46 million merchants worldwide.

As Binance explains in the press release, the card can be topped up with Bitcoin and the company’s own BNB token. Just like normal debit cards, the Binance card automatically uses the balance on the card to settle payments.

The card costs 15 US dollars. To receive the card, the wallet must be topped up with the corresponding amount in BNB or BTC. As soon as the credit balance is in the Wallet, Binance will process the order. Binance further states that it does not charge any monthly or annual fees for this.

The card is currently in beta and only available as a virtual card. A physical card is to be introduced shortly, but will initially only be available to users from Malaysia and Vietnam.

However, it has been indicated that the card will be introduced to users around the world in the coming weeks.

You can register your interest in the card on the landing page. We will notify you as soon as the map is available in your region.“