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Binance CEO announces new Cloud-Project


In a comprehensive „Ask Me Anything“ (AMA) Q&A session, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) announced big plans for his crypto exchange in 2020. One of the most exciting announcements is the Binance Cloud project, which will be officially presented within the next 10 days.

With Binance into the clouds

Zhao did not want to explain in detail what exactly Binance Cloud is all about during the question and answer session. However, it is evident on the job portal of the crypto exchange that they are currently looking for a cloud developer in a leading position for their cloud team.

The corresponding job description states that the project deals with „large, parallel-connected and always available systems in a cloud computing platform“. Accordingly, the candidate must be able to „improve, scale and automate the cloud-based architecture“.

What kind of end product will ultimately emerge for users remains unclear. However, the Crypto Exchange will disclose this in the next few days. Following the Q&A session, Zhao posted a GIF on Twitter that shows clouds to fuel speculation.

Binance continues to expand constantly

Before the cloud project is presented, Binance will introduce futures for the company’s own Binance Coin (BNB) on February 10. In addition, it will soon be possible to buy crypto currencies with Russian roubles, Norwegian krone and Croatian kuna on the crypto exchange.

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