Once again there is good crypto news from Austria, where the telecommunications giant Austria Telekom mentioned in a press release that it is possible to pay via A1 Payment using Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dash.

A1 Telekom introduces crypto payments

A1 Payment, the service that offers digital payment services in Austria, now also accepts cryptocurrencies, according to an official A1 Telekom Austria Group press release.

The company made the change because businesses and consumers alike will benefit from this modernization of payment transactions, the press release states. The company will add the feature to the usual methods available through Maestro, credit cards or online payment platforms such as Alipay.

On March 27, Austria’s leading telecom provider A1 Telekom presented the new payment option. In the report the company said:

„With A1 Payment, retailers throughout Austria will be able to accept digital currencies. In addition to all common payment methods with Maestro or credit cards, payments via online platforms such as AliPay are now possible, as well as risk-free transactions with digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Dash“.

As you can read, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dash are among the new crypto options for A1 payment users. According to the message at the checkout, these can be converted into Euros in real time without any exchange rate or currency risk.

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