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Cardano gets Goguen-Roadmap and becomes even more decentralised

Crypto-Mastermind summary: IOHK recently announced its official roadmap for the Cardano Goguen-update. The implementation of most of the...

Cardano plans marketing ‚with full force‘ for ‚Goguen‘ and oracle-update

Crypto Mastermind summary: With its third development phase Goguen, IOHK, the development studio of Cardano, intends to incorporate...

Cardano confirms date for Shelley – ADA explodes

Charles Hoskinson provides a concrete date for the next evolutionary stage of Cardano. The ADA price expresses...

Cardano: Friends & Family Testnet runs smoothly, first blocks generated

The Cardano Shelley Friends & Family Testnet shows after first tests only a small need for adjustment....

Milestone for Cardano: First block created on the Shelley Blockchain

The internal Cardano Shelley beta test network started on April 25th with the creation of the Genesis...

tBTC: Bitcoin on the Ethereum Blockchain has arrived

tBTC, the Bitcoin-covered ERC-20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain has started its two-week launch phase.

Hoskinson: Cardano will overcome Ethereum in 2020

Cardano will surpass Ethereum in 2020 and become the best multi-asset platform, as Charles Hoskinson claims.

Cardano: 1 million transactions per second – Hydra Paper released

The layer 2 solution "Hydra" will give the Cardano network a scalability of over one million transactions...

Polkadot integrates Chainlink – Goodbye Ethereum?

Chainlink is expanding its sphere of influence: After the Oracle network previously supplied data exclusively to Ethereum-based...

Cardano bereitet große Marketing-Offensive für 2020 vor

Charles Hoskinson, Gründer von Cardano, hat erklärt, dass das Team von Cardano mit mehreren Marketinggruppen zusammenarbeitet, um...
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