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U.S.-Senate discusses bills to integrate blockchain and cryptocurrencies

Crypto-Mastermind summary: Two new bills were passed in the House of Representatives and are now being discussed in...

‚No time to think‘: Robert Kiyosaki buys BTC to protect against bank crisis

Crypto Mastermind summary: "Rich Dad, Poor Dad"-author Robert Kiyosaki warns of a potential imminent banking collapse and another...

Bitcoin and the companies: MicroStrategy Purchases BTC for 250,000,000 Dollar

There are many narratives associated with the digital asset Bitcoin: digital gold, uncorrelated asset, asset as inflation...

Bitcoin is on an all-time high in Turkey: Turkish lira is weakening

In Turkey, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are enjoying great interest and steady growth. This is on the one...

US banks obtain permission to hold crypto-currencies

Last week, the US supervisory authority, Office of Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), announced in an open...

China’s digital yuan gets first big test in the real world

China's upcoming digital currency is being tested in a car-sharing agency with 500 million users. The digital...

Institutional Investors make record investments into crypto

Where are the institutional Bitcoin investors? It has been talked about for years that institutional investors are...

It happens again: Bitcoin Whales accumulate their BTC, just like 2016

According to a new report, the total number of Bitcoin Whales with more than 1,000 BTC is...

Bitcoin Halving – Google search results reach new heights

The closer the Bitcoin halving comes, the more Google search results appear for it, which shows that...
Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank tweets about Bitcoin

Deutsche Bank has published a tweet showing Bitcoin at the center of a digital currency system linking...
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