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Bullish Bitcoin on-chain signs – Glassnode shows 95% of UTXO’s in gains

After the eventful months in the Corona crisis, Bitcoin has recovered very well and has also recently...
Coca Cola

2000 Coca-Cola machines in Australia will soon support Bitcoin

Real Hodlers must be strong now: In Australia and New Zealand, Coca-Cola vending machines will be able...

Cardano (ADA): IOHK celebrates Shelley with Virtual Summit 2020

Shelley will herald a new era for Cardano (ADA). To celebrate the decentralisation of...

Cardano confirms date for Shelley – ADA explodes

Charles Hoskinson provides a concrete date for the next evolutionary stage of Cardano. The ADA price expresses...

Use instead of hodl: Bitcoin in Africa

A new report analyses the status quo of cryptocurrencies in Africa. According to the report, Bitcoin and...

The perfect storm? 48% hold Bitcoin longer than 1,5 years!

In his bestseller The Perfect Storm, Sebastian Jung describes the combination of three weather phenomena that led...

64% der Gesamten Bitcoin-Menge hat sich seit 2018 nicht bewegt

Über 60% der gesamten Bitcoin (BTC) im Umlauf haben ihre Wallet seit mehr als einem Jahr nicht...
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