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Hedge fund-legend Druckenmiller takes Bitcoin as ‚hedge against inflation‘

Crypto-Mastermind summary: Formerly Bitcoin-critical ex-hedge fund manager of the Quantum Fund and billionaire Stanley Druckenmiller announced that he...

Grayscale: 84% des Q3 Interesses kam von klassischen Hedgefonds

Michael Sonnenshein von Grayscale ist der Ansicht, dass die kürzlich erfolgte Einreichung des Antrags des Vermögensverwalters bei...

Bitcoin and the companies: MicroStrategy Purchases BTC for 250,000,000 Dollar

There are many narratives associated with the digital asset Bitcoin: digital gold, uncorrelated asset, asset as inflation...

Grayscale Investments now manages more than $4 billion USD worth of cryptocurrencies

Grayscale Investments has already made a name for itself in the crypto-market and is the number one...

Bitcoin boom among institutional investors: 36% already invested according to Fidelity survey

The narratives "digital gold" and "uncorrelated asset" have been circulating in Bitcoin Space for years. Especially in...

Institutions are coming! BTC interest grows massively

For a long time people waited in Bitcoin (BTC) and Crypto space for it and now it...

Institutional Investors make record investments into crypto

Where are the institutional Bitcoin investors? It has been talked about for years that institutional investors are...
Goldman Sachs

Ex-Goldman Sachs board of directors switches portfolio to Bitcoin and gives warning

Raoul Pal, a former head of European hedge fund trading at Goldman Sachs, is preparing for a...

‚No time to think‘: Robert Kiyosaki buys BTC to protect against bank crisis

Crypto Mastermind summary: "Rich Dad, Poor Dad"-author Robert Kiyosaki warns of a potential imminent banking collapse and another...

Krypto-Gigant Kraken kauft Interchange

Top-Bitcoin-Börse Kraken hat einen großen Schritt in Richtung institutioneller Markt gewagt und Interchange eingekauft.
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