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Dutch central bank authorizes first crypto-company under new EU-law

Crypto-Mastermind summary: As a result of comprehensive new EU directives, to which the Netherlands also strictly adhere, most...

Mastercard releases new CBDC testing platform to support central banks

Crypto-Mastermind summary: Via a new test platform, Mastercard wants to increase the central banks' commitment to CBDCs. The...

India: Central bank gives green light for Bitcoin boom!

The Indian central bank has explicitly confirmed that it has ended its anti-Bitcoin (BTC) policy and no...
Banque de france

French central bank has successfully tested a blockchain-based digital euro

As part of a collaboration, the Banque de France and Societe have settled bonds worth 40 million...

Russian central bank puts crypto-transactions under general suspicion

The Central Bank of Russia (CBR) has issued new guidelines for the treatment of suspicious financial transactions...

BIS says: Banks and governments interest in CBDCs massively increasing

Crypto Mastermind summary: More than 80% of central banks worldwide have already considered introducing CBDCs. This was published...

‚No time to think‘: Robert Kiyosaki buys BTC to protect against bank crisis

Crypto Mastermind summary: "Rich Dad, Poor Dad"-author Robert Kiyosaki warns of a potential imminent banking collapse and another...

Institutionals change thoughts: New banks announce crypto-services

Many are still aware of the negative statements of many major banks on the subject of Bitcoin...

DeFi-Hype: Trading volume of decentralized stock exchanges reaches all-time high

DeFi is currently on everyone's lips. Declining confidence in politics and banks, as well as luring interest...
JP Morgan

JP Morgan provides banking services to Coinbase and Gemini

JP Morgan is the third largest bank in America and one of the largest banks in the...
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