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Bahamas plan CBDC launch next month – Ahead of China

Crypto-Mastermind summary: The island state of Bahamas plans to introduce its new digital central bank currency in October....

Mastercard releases new CBDC testing platform to support central banks

Crypto-Mastermind summary: Via a new test platform, Mastercard wants to increase the central banks' commitment to CBDCs. The...

BIS says: Banks and governments interest in CBDCs massively increasing

Crypto Mastermind summary: More than 80% of central banks worldwide have already considered introducing CBDCs. This was published...

McDonald’s and Starbucks will test the digital yuan (CBDC)

McDonald's, Starbucks, Subway and other restaurants could test the digital currency of China's Central Bank ( Central...

Digital Yuan prevails: 1.1 billion already processed through transactions

Crypto-Mastermind summary: According to the PBoC, 1.1 billion Yuan have already been processed through a total of 3.1...

Institutionals change thoughts: New banks announce crypto-services

Many are still aware of the negative statements of many major banks on the subject of Bitcoin...

Philippines now has 16 approved crypto exchanges

The country's emerging crypto industry has recently added four crypto exchanges to the list of companies approved...

G20 Summit: Laying the foundation for digital Currencies

The G20 countries want to set a new benchmark for the acceptance of digital currencies. The efforts...

PayPal confirms that the development of Crypto-Integration is in progress

From a letter to this public body it has now become known that PayPal is working on...

Chainlink: Partnership with China’s state blockchain

China's blockchain Services Network (BSN) becomes a partner of Chainlink. Therefore the oracles of...
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