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Bitcoin Bullrun by Stablecoins? Committed capital reaches USD 12 billion

While everyone is waiting for a movement from the Bitcoin exchange rate, another "cryptocurrencies" is becoming increasingly...

Another company buys BTC: Instituitonals hold a total of almost $7 billion

Crypto-Mastermind summary: The company Stone Ridge Asset Management (SRAM) recently announced that it has acquired approximately $115 million...

20% drop!? – Let’s zoom out on Bitcoin

Crypto-Mastermind summary: This artice addresses the criticism of Bitcoin's high volatility. It shows what price stability depends on...

Institutions are coming! BTC interest grows massively

For a long time people waited in Bitcoin (BTC) and Crypto space for it and now it...

40 German Banks want to get the new Crypto-License!

Many are wondering what could trigger a possible next nationwide hype around crypto currencies like Bitcoin. Most...

Umfrage: Krypto-Anleger optimistisch

Nach dem Bitcoin schon tausendmal für tot erklärt wurde,  die angebliche "Krypto-Blase" kurz vor dem Platzen schien,  bestätigt eine aktuelle Umfrage, dass...
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